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1998-2002 (Non Dodge Pickups) 5.9 L VP44029X Electronic Fuel Injection Pump (All HP)

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2000-2002 NON - Dodge 5.9 L VP44029X Electronic Fuel Injection Pump (ALL HP)
Factory Authorized Bosch
2000-2002 NON - Dodge 5.9 L VP44029X Electronic Fuel Injection Pump (ALL HP)
Our Price: $1,390.00
Sale Price: $1,390.00
Refundable CORE CHARGE: $500.00 Core charge - "Refunded after exchange"

Product Code: 029X



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-     The VP44027X pump (235 hp & 215 hp) is the most common VP44.
The 245 HP VP44028X witch fits "2000 - 2002 trucks with 6-speed Manual transmissions."  is less common and will not work for the 235 hp or 215 hp Dodge trucks.
 To avoid receiving the wrong pump and to avoid core charges. You can provide us with the engine serial number if you are not sure what you have and we can figure out witch pump you need with the serial. Click on the more info icon for instructions on finding SN #
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Description CORE CHARGE POLICY / Special Warranty Info.
1998-2002 (Non Dodge Pickups) 5.9 L VP44029X Electronic Fuel Injection Pump (All HP)(For Heavy duty Mid range applications: freight liner / tow trucks)All pumps come with one year unlimited mile warranty.VP44 Pump General Information  The fuel injection pump (VP44) is an electronic rotary distributor pump. The pump performs four basic functions:Producing the high fuel pressure required for injection Metering the exact amount of fuel for each injection cycle Distributing the high-pressure, metered fuel to each cylinder at the precise time Varying the timing relative to engine speed. A cam ring with three plungers, a rotor, and an electronically controlled fueling solenoid valve is used to develop and distribute the high pressure required for injection.A worn or damaged internal transfer pump, plunger, or fueling valve can affect the pressure and amount of fuel injected, thus reducing the power from the engine. Generally, if the fuel injection pump is injecting fuel from one outlet, it will deliver from all outlets.VP44 Timing PrinciplesTiming in the VP44 is controlled by an internal timing piston coupled to a cam ring inside the pump. The timing piston is moved by fuel pressure. The amount of fuel pressure in the timing piston assembly housing is controlled by an internal transfer pump and a pulsating timing solenoid valve.As pump speed increases, the fuel pressure to the timing piston assembly also increases. Based on the inputs from the fuel pump control module (FPCM), the timing solenoid valve pulses to vary the pressure to move the timing piston, which results in the cam ring moving to the desired position to achieve the commanded timing.The more pressure created by the internal transfer pump and timing solenoid valve, the more the timing will advance; therefore, timing range capability is increased at higher rpms.Knowledge Base: Bosch VP44 Info & Installation Fuel Injection Pumps for Cummins 5.9L

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